Farm Hack featured on New York Times Dot Earth Blog

Farm Hack attended the Young Farmers Conference at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Tarrytown, NY this past weekend. One of the exciting outcomes of the conference was this piece by Andrew Revkin at the New York Times. It highlights the efforts of Farm Hack and Slow Tools to support the development of open source tools for resilient agriculture.

The Slow Tools Summit is an annual gathering of farmers, engineers, and makers. This year the group came together the day after the Young Farmer’s Conference to brainstorm solutions to problems faced by farmers. The group was led by Adam Lemieux, from Johnny’s Selected Seeds, and Jack Algiere of the Stone Barns Center. Farm Hack is looking forward to developing these partnerships.

Improve by collaboration.
Grow by participation.

Farm Hack Mendocino: Fuel Farming for the 21st Century, this weekend, December 6 and 7

This weekend in Willits, Mendocino County, CA, a group of farmers, fuel alcohol enthusiasts, and organizations is sponsoring Farm Hack Mendocino: Grange, Grassroots, and Greenhorns, Fuel Farming for the 21st Century. The event will bring together stakeholders who envision and are active in building regional, sustainable fuel alcohol production systems in Northern CA. The two day event will include speakers covering a range of topics in regional biofuel production, mechanical demonstrations, tours of the historic Ridgewood Ranch still and the Grange Farm School, panel discussions, and networking opportunities for local businesses, nonprofits, and individuals.

Keynote speakers are Cody Bartholomew, Manager of Golden Rule Ranch, Ruth King, Manager of the Grange Farm School, John Wick, Marin Carbon Project, and Jerome Carman, Redwood Coast Energy Authority. The event will begin on Saturday morning at the Little Lake Grange (291 School St, Willits) and will continue in the afternoon at the Ridgewood Ranch and Grange Farm School (16200 N Hwy 101, Willits). This two day event will highlight the work of the Mendocino Alcohol Fuel Group, a group of home distillers who use their locally produced fuel to power everything from small agricultural tools to cars, trucks, and tractors. Farm Hack Mendocino is an opportunity to gather a diverse group of stakeholders working to explore the possibilities of ethanol production and use in the region.

In a region that produces wine grapes as an export crop, and devotes the majority of farmland to irrigated crops–exploring ‘value added’ uses for the pressed grapes in the post-production waste stream can provide greater regional resiliency and fuel sovereignty. Farm Hack Mendocino will explore the historic precedent, the present climate, and the future possibilities for producing fuel from a wide array of feedstocks in Northern CA.

This event is free and open to the public. Lunches are provided, and donations are gladly accepted. Please RSVP at the Farm Hack Mendocino event page at

A full schedule for the event is available here. Please direct any questions to Daniel Grover, Farm Hack Network Facilitator,, (703)965-7636 or Ruth King, Mendocino Organizer,, (860)670-7146.

Open Sauce/Source for the Food Revolution

“He who receives ideas from me, receives instruction himself without lessening mine; as he who lights his taper at mine receives light without darkening me.” – Thomas Jefferson

We can’t get around it, so we’ll say it upfront. Food is essential to life. What’s more, ensuring open access to the resources, knowledge, and land we need to feed ourselves is political. In opposition to corporate control and intellectual property, we need systems and processes which emphasize sharing and collaboration for food systems work.

A movement of practitioners is emerging who are applying Open Source philosophy to food systems work. Our goal in this article is to recognize the power of this fledgling movement and to highlight some of the people and organizations who are using Open Source for food.

For food systems work, Open Source means open ideas, knowledge, plans, documents, tools, code, data, and so on, all open for use and improvement by others. Instead of privatizing and patenting intellectual property, we’re sharing designs and building off each other’s innovations. Read more at…

Grange Future Tour

Dec 3-4 Little Lake Grange
Dec 6-7 – Farm Hack at Little Lake Grange
Dec 13-14 – Sebastopol Grange 306 — collaborating with The Farmers Guild Entrepreneurial Event & Party
Dec 20 – Live Oak Grange, Santa Cruz
Jan 14 – Shaping SF
Jan 20 – Eco Farm

Grange Future is a new project and traveling exhibit about the Grange movement in America. The Grange, also known as the Patrons of Husbandry is a fraternal order for farmers with halls across the country, and across California. From Fort Bragg to San Juan Capistrano we’ll celebrate the history and contemporary expression of ‘ the grange idea.’ Included in the exhibit are oral histories, painted history panels, radical agricultural pamphlets and reading room, and artifacts from seed banks, buyers clubs, radical art collectives and other cultural workers who find a home in the grange. To learn more, please visit their new website

Precision Tine Cultivator

Project is for: Farmers who need a flexible, multi-purpose, cultivating tool– most likely vegetable farmers. Range of cost: $750 – $1500 Skills needed: Simple metalworking (welding steel, or finding someone who can); also available commercially with an Allis G belly mount from Roeter’s Farm Equipment, but their version may not be optimized for your application. […]

Welcome to FarmHack Forum

The FarmHack Forum is excited to be launching in “beta” mode! Please feel free to join us in discussing farm innovations, tools and ideas as we iron out the kinks in our online community.

FarmHack Projects: Paddlewheel-Powered Pump

Here is a great video made by Jeremy Smith of a water pump built by Cappie of Pangea Farm in Spearfish, SD. The pump, which is a “Wirtz pump”, uses a coil of hose and a scoop which are turned by a waterwheel in an irrigation ditch, pumping water 30′ or more vertically into a […]