Apitronics Kickstarter is Live! Check it out.

Apitronics is an exciting start-up of Farm Hacker Louis Thiery, originally birthed from a Farm Hack NH greenhouse monitoring project. The Apitronics Kickstarter is live, and it’s great! You can pre-order Apitronics monitoring “bees” and help Louis get off the ground at the same time. He’s already a quarter of the way to his funding goal – help out a fellow Farm Hacker and get a useful new farm gadget!

from apitronics.com
from apitronics.com

About the Platform

Apitronics is a wireless platform designed for the outdoors. It includes a base station, or “Hive”, that coordinates a swarm of field-ready “Bees” which collect data and control switches.

What a Bee does depends on what sensors or switches you attach to its waterproof plug. Apitronics will be releasing more plugs as the platform matures. At one site, they are already doing some chicken coop monitoring, with a door sensor and a water level sensor. The system can send alerts if you forget to close the door or to bring water to the chickens!

Through the Kickstarter, Apitronics is offering user-ready systems with Bees connected to weather stations or soil humidity sensors. Louis also hopes that other developers will build off the platform and that a diverse ecology of products and other solutions will be built around the open architecture. By bringing open-source to farm electronics, Apitronics hopes to see more innovative solutions that are more farmer-driven.

More about the project at the Apitronics website

Visit the Kickstarter here


2 Replies to “Apitronics Kickstarter is Live! Check it out.”

  1. I am concerned that not enough research has been done on the effects of wireless devices on humans and especially on nature. Actually, bees spring to mind as an insect that we need to study more closely. We are all aware that bees are having a hard time. And all of the wireless devices in the world today may be one of the many reasons for it: http://crave.cnet.co.uk/mobiles/are-mobile-phones-causing-the-decline-in-bee-numbers-50003738/

    I understand the desire to have more data and more automation to make a more efficient farm. However, we need to take a hard look at any new technology we bring to the farm before we put it in widespread use.

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