Infragram: A cheap infrared camera for monitoring plant health

The folks over at Public Laboratory initially developed the Infragram camera, a near-infrared camera that assesses photosynthetic activity in plants, to empower citizen science monitoring of wetlands health in the Gulf after the BP oil spill. It turned out so great that they want to share it with others!



Through their current Kickstarter campaign, Public Labs are offering the Infragram to the wider public of farmers, hikers, gardeners and anyone else who wants some infrared insight into the plant world around them.

Check out the great project video and read more about the Infragram camera on the their Kickstarter page.  You can get an Infragram of your own (or some other related gadgets) by pledging to the project.

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  1. This was developed in collaboration with Farm Hack folks, actually! You can see Dorn Cox in the video, and we linked to Farm Hack from the KS page. We’ve gotten some really great work done at the annual iFarm event in Lee, NH:

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