Grange Future Tour

Dec 3-4 Little Lake Grange
Dec 6-7 – Farm Hack at Little Lake Grange
Dec 13-14 – Sebastopol Grange 306 — collaborating with The Farmers Guild Entrepreneurial Event & Party
Dec 20 – Live Oak Grange, Santa Cruz
Jan 14 – Shaping SF
Jan 20 – Eco Farm

Grange Future is a new project and traveling exhibit about the Grange movement in America. The Grange, also known as the Patrons of Husbandry is a fraternal order for farmers with halls across the country, and across California. From Fort Bragg to San Juan Capistrano we’ll celebrate the history and contemporary expression of ‘ the grange idea.’ Included in the exhibit are oral histories, painted history panels, radical agricultural pamphlets and reading room, and artifacts from seed banks, buyers clubs, radical art collectives and other cultural workers who find a home in the grange. To learn more, please visit their new website

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