Thursday 10/2 @ 7:00 // Web-Focused Organizer’s Call

For the past several weeks, Farm Hack has been gathering via google hangout every Thursday @ 7:00. We named these calls organizer’s calls and we’re using them to work on the community, work on the site, and keep in touch and up to date with the Farm Hack community working around the country.

This Thursday @ 7:00 pm, we’ll be focusing especially on web development. There are a lot of improvements that we want to make on the site and we’re looking for more drupal developers and organizers to make them happen!

A few things that we’ve identified as priorities for the site are:

 //     transferring old blog posts from the last iteration of the site to the new site, making a page for them, and 
        bringing them back as a resource for the community

 //     redesigning the front page functionality—adding a featured tools view to the blog role

 //     making it easy to sign up for our e-newsletter with a big sign-up button on the front page

 //     lots of other things on our [public web trello board](

If you’d like to join the call this Thursday @ 7:00 eastern, contact Daniel Grover @

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