FarmHack: Poultry Housing Options

The growing season is full-fledged and you may be considering raising some fledglings of your own. Check out these housing options for small-scale chicken raising from around the web. Feel free to comment and post ideas of your own – we’ll be sure to include them!


 broiler For Pastured Poultry, try this Greenhouse style pen used by Morris Farm.
The infamous chicken tractor: here is a series of videos on how to build one from Garden Girl TV.
CoopThruGate480 This chicken coop featured on Tangled Nest makes the most of space in a backyard.
This coop featured on includes easy access doors.
This hutch built at La Finca NY used the frame off an old porch swing and other leftover materials to start.
*BONUS* Recommended Reading: The ATTRA guide to Range Poultry Housing.

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  1. It is nice to see that the younger generations are interested in farming and trying to get away from the processed foods that society is literally trying to cram down out throats. I am interested in following the ideas and brain storms you guys come up with. if you look at my web site, i have my chicken tractor on there with plans to build a bigger one coming soon. ill keep it posted. see ya’ll soon!

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